Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday, a day early

I wanna share the happenings of our lives over the last couple of weeks. When some things occur in your life, you learn very quickly to be thankful for a lot.

Last week started with me at the doctor on Monday convinced I had my THIRD sinus infection since Thanksgiving. And I also had a cough that was so bad that the spells ended with me throwing up. The doctor said I had bronchitis! That was a new one for me. Never ever ever have I had anything along those lines. Meanwhile, feeling a little sick and wanting just to stay in bed I begin wishing desperatly for the weather man to be wrong, and for us to get MORE snow than predicted. Guess what... I woke up Tuesday and saw a world covered in snow! So beautiful! But my dear husband, determined to get to work and not disappoint the boss man ventures out just after 6am in that beautiful but not so friendly snow. Ten minutes later my phone rang and it was him. My heart stopped! He had wrecked. He was reasonably ok (no ambulance or hospital needed). His truck... well the estimate was $7800 worth of damage. So much for loving snow! I love my husband a whole lot more and decided wishing for snow is a no-no. So within two days I was VERY grateful for health insurance and car insurance. Also very thankful for the kind man in the tow truck who pulled my husband out of the ditch for free. Whoever he is, I pray he gets blessed for his kindness. My husband was in a lot of pain (back) for the first couple days. It did ease some. But still as of Monday this week he was in pain. Sunday I was on a liquid only diet in preperation for an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. So Sunday was not a fun day. Monday morning off to the hospital for the procedures. Within 60 seconds of them giving me my anethesia I was out cold. So thankful for whatever is in that stuff to knock me out so cold cause the thought of what those doctors were about to do were very disturbing to me! I woke later to my husband who had been trying for a bit to wake me. Apparently the doctors tried for a while to wake me (as they do not like to leave a patient who is still under) but seeing as I was not waking up they had to move on to other patients waiting. Colonoscopy was fine. Thank you Lord! (My father had colon cancer.) Endoscopy revealed a hiatal (spelling?) hernia. It's pushing into my esophogaus. This is what is causing the horrible acid reflux and slight bleeding. While being very thankful for them not finding anything worse, I am wondering how a 25 yr old female can have THREE hernias (I have others elsewhere)!?! Also pondering if they are going to tell me at my consultation (keep in mind I never saw my doctor) if this is something they need to do surgery for to fix. I know the rule. If the hernia is not causing pain or problems then let it be. But this hernia is causing problems. So we shall see. Monday evening once I was feeling a bit more like myself I finally talked my husband into going to the doctor for his back because only a doctor and xray could say for sure if he was going to get better and not worse. And the medicines for him to sleep without pain sure were needed. And everytime I drive by where he wrecked and see the steep ditch he ended up in, and the sign and HUGE rocks he hit... I can't express how thankful I am that he came out of there with only back pain. And despite the pricey estimate, his truck did come out and was able to be driven to the body shop. I look at that ditch and know without doubt how easily he could have flipped sideways into there. And how just the slightest bit more speed could have made it all so much worse. Thank you Lord for putting your hands around that truck! Meanwhile my husband and I had started the journey to becoming first time home owners. When a wrecked truck and a pricey visit to the hospital hit, it makes us question this whole house thing. But I am putting my faith and trust in the good Lord. He has ALWAYS provided for us. And I trust he will always do so.

So today, I sit and think of all the things that I have to be thankful for. Our health. My husbands life. Insurance that allows us to recover from all of this without ending up thousands of dollars in debt. I am just thankful for life in itself! Thankful for such a strong and loving husband. He was such an awesome care giver during the day before and day of my procedures! He is such an amazing man! And knowing a sweet sweet family I know is living in a hotel right now after a fire took their house, I am thankful for this cozy apartment I call home. And thankful for each of their lives, as they were sparred their lives by only minutes!

The Lord is good! He is there in everything!

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