Friday, June 12, 2009

Prayers greatly appreciated

This sweet 3 yr old (Seth) who is a big part of my life, and heart, is in the hospital.

His appendix has perforated but they can not do surgery because he has such a bad infection all around it.

So for five days he will be in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Then home on regular antibiotics for 21 days. Then in 8 weeks surgery.

Pray for him. For courage to be strong through it all. For his heart to still have joy. For God's hand to protect him and not let his appendix burst. For the infection to clear so he can have surgery.

God had his hands around this boy! His appendix very very likely perforated over a month ago. It's likely that the infection was even the reason it has not bursts. (The infection is wrapped all around it, working as a sort of blanket around the appendix likely preventing it from bursting.)

Thank you Lord for his life, your protection upon him all this time and for the other miraculous ways you intervened in this situation!!

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