Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Finally Friday!!!

It's finally Friday!!!

Turn off the alarm clock.

Put the cell phones away.

Ignore the clock & just stay up until my eyes are too heavy to keep open.

Then sleep in until my body is ready to get movin'.

Hug my husband every time I feel like it ~ just 'cause he is here.

Enjoy dinner with my husband... & even splurge a little this weekend & eat out

Lay by the pool and enjoy the sunshine *if it appears*

And to take on a little tradition* here that I found among some Google results:

Random Photo Friday

My humorous husband on our honeymoon in Aug. '08

* I take no claim in starting this tradition, nor do I know where it began.


Rachel said...

That is hilarious! Looks like somebody has a great sense of humor (or else that really DOES hurt...) ha ha. Thanks for the laugh! Enjoy your friday!

MrsMann said...

My husband has a GREAT sense of humor. :) That is on our honeymoon Aug. '08