Friday, September 18, 2009

Letters of Intent

I am participating in Foursons new Friday tradition of "Letters of Intent". Such a fun idea. What's better than a fun way to vent? :-) ~ Happy Friday!

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Dear Sony Laptop:

You are my best friend. I depend on you for daily living. A day without you is hard to survive. You hold my life: my photos, my school work, my emails, my facebook/myspace/twitter/blogspot (which are my very connection to so much of the world). Without you, I would not know what the girl I graduated with years ago but have not spoken to, is doing right this moment, Without you, I would not know that I forgot yesterday was Thankful Thursday. Without you, I could not have just completed all my school work for this week in my online class.

My dependency upon you means I have a huge amount of thankfulness for you and all you do for me. This appreciation means nothing to you. You repay me by shutting off at the very moment I have 5 screens up as I multitask my way through another day. When you do start back up, you take your time. You go slower than the snail out on my front porch. You find it humorous to prevent sounds from working right as a stumble upon my exercises for class that require hearing audio pieces to answer questions.

You take advantage of my love. You are so certain I would never give you up, that you test me daily.

Rest assured treasured friend, in the near future I will have the financial ability to replace you. I will desert you for a newer, younger, fancier model. You will be shut off for good! And then my friend, you will see how it feels to be let down.


P.s. I still appreciate that you continued to work after the day I tragically dropped you, leading to this life of duct tape. However, you could at least try to not break through the duct tape as soon as I rewrap you with fresh bandages.


Foursons said...

Great letter! Yes, my computer is way to much a part of my life and has replaced TV for me. Wow- that says a LOT. Hope you get your new one soon, new computers are great and feel so freeing from the pain in the arses the old ones are.

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Anonymous said...

There are times I wonder if I would be able to breathe without my computer and that is when I know it is time to "unplug" myself. I actually had one of those weeks last week and it was amazing how much housework got done! ;) It's crazy how much we depend on these darn things.

Mr. Daddy said...

Be careful of what you ask for, we just bought Rach a brand new fancy lap top and it is a piece of junk..LOL (at least in my opinion)

it's to big and to fancy...

can you say buyers remorse????

Rachel said...

LOL - I can totally relate! My new HP laptop came out of the box busted... and has not miraculously healed itself yet. ARGH! For a deaf person, this laptop is even sometimes my only mode of communication. Durn it, I've got some serious co-dependency issues! hee hee. Thanks for the read!

MrsMann said...

Rach, that's exactly why I am scared to get a new one. We looked last year but I never would take the plunge. I am scared I will end up with something worse. But then maybe that would be good for breaking my dependency. :)