Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

For a little taste of blog therapy, I am participating in KMama's "Thank You Very Much". Hop over to her site for some more ventings.

~ To my sweet (almost one-year-old) nephew whose pitiful fit's when not held have left me with a bad case of hip bursitis and both hands suffering from Carpel Tunnel... thank YOU very much! (And rest assured I will remind you of this a LOT when you get bigger... of how I was such a great Aunt to endure pain just to please your sweet face. )

~ To my husbands work, for telling us in October he could not have off for a trip to GA at Christmas to see his family... and then telling us THIS WEEK that he can... sending me into a panic, thank you very much!

~ To my various pains (what with this hip bursitis, carpel tunnel and some Fibromyalgia thrown into the mix) that are making sleep next to impossible and leaving me more irritable and moody than usual, thank you very much!

I feel better now! :o)


Foursons said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize you have Fibro too! I take muscle relaxers at night to help with the pain. Have you tried that?

Manic Mommy Meg said...

Better late than never! At least he has permission to head to GA! Don't panic - just make a plan and go for it! It'll be great! And your nephew is sooo cute!!!

Rachel said...

Yikes! The things we do for little kids, huh?

And in spite of the late notice - how awesome that your husband gets the time off! :)

Rachel said...

Hope you ended up having a great time since your husband was off! :)

And thanks for the comment on our blog - I am totally looking forward to how much fun this Battle of the Blogs will be... it's all for YOU GUYS to enjoy (seriously - you guys will have the fun, trust me).

Have a great day!