Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let me remember

When I hear people complain about being annoyed with and tired of their children, it truly breaks my heart. What I wouldn't give to have an 8 yr old with an attitude the size of Texas. Or a toddler who won't stop getting into everything. Or to hear little people call my name all day long.

I pray that God gives me the chance to have a child so I can be tested in remembering these little lessons. I truly long to not complain when I am pregnant and uncomfortable, or to fuss all the time about my child driving me insane. I hope I remember then, the pain those complaints bring to people longing to have a child.

And if I don't... will you please give me a little slap across the face to remind me?

Every good and perfect gift comes from above... James 1:17
(A passage that has been etched into my heart and soul for a long long time. He etched this into me all those years ago for a reason.)

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Foursons said...

I pray you get to remember this lesson soon.

And I am sorry if I have ever complained about my children. I love them more than I can put into words and am so thankful God blessed me with them.