Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year

We end this year the same way it began, with hopes of starting a family but no guarantee that it will happen anytime soon. My heart is heavy. Its safe to say I see the glass as half empty right now. I continue to try to cling to the part of me that knows I WILL become a mother, someday, somehow. It isn't always enough though, on the hard days. I haven't cried yet, since the news of entering the new year without a bun already in the oven. But I think I need to let it out before Sunday... so I can attempt to enter the New Year with a bit of new hope.

We came a long ways in 2011.
My husband got a job he isn't miserable at.
I got a job I am unbelievably happy at.
We traded in one vehicle for another, saving a good amount of money monthly.
We paid off my car, saving a lot more money each month!
We moved out of my Mom's and into our first "home"; though a rental, it's still our space and we are very thankful for this sweet little home right next to the farm.
We got a cat... who brings a LOT of entertainment. Along with other emotions! Little devil that he is!

I'd say that's a pretty good year and a lot to be thankful for!

Here's to hoping 2012 brings even more blessings!

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